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BRAND FUTURISTS: A TEAM PLATO WOULD ENDORSE _Plato held the belief that different personality types were best suited for different tasks. We've assembled our team with that ideal in mind - a harmonious union of highly skilled individuals around that vision: GUARDIANS, IDEALISTS, ARTISANS AND RATIONALS or Logistics, Strategy, Creative and Analytics.
Department Of Guardians
Practical and down-to-earth, Guardians follow the rules and cooperate with others. They are meticulous about schedules and have a sharp eye for proper procedures. Guardians’ natural talent for managing make them the cornerstone of the team.
Robert Shaw West
Commander In Chief
Robert has spent most of his life working for Fortune 500 clients. With a keen sense of design and a sharp imagination, Robert's ideas are regularly translated into executions that are not only brilliant but also highly effective. One of his greatest achievements is the defining role he played in developing the vision for The Republik, a 100% employee-owned, performance based international advertising network. As The Republik's Chairman and CEO Robert is proud of the tremendous recognition The Republik receives. Fast Company named The Republik a finalist in its 2002 annual listing the top 50 Fast Companies to watch, while CMYK magazine called The Republik the new agency model by which all others will be measured. The industry's best advertising shows including the New York Art Director's Club, the One Show, the Andy's, the Clio's...you name it.
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Tesla to open pre-orders for solar shingles today #Holistic https://t.co/c6paZMtGsy
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Life Lessons of Ian Schrager #PullvsPush https://t.co/jvl2mM61Pr
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Department Of Idealists
Idealists believe the world is filled with endless possibilities waiting to be realized. What others often see as a “leap of faith,” this group sees as an ideal path. This group helps paint a vision for what can be.
Dwayne Fry
Minister of Strategy
Dwayne is a strategic leader with a wealth of successful agency and client management experience. He guides clients to look critically at any given situation, ask tough questions and find the precise answer for their brand. His role is to research and evaluate business environments - monitor consumer trends and competitive sets -and develop insights for a brand's successful positioning. Dwayne has taken the lead on developing strategies for Royal Caribbean International, Norwegian Cruise Line, Midway Airlines, Raleigh CVB, Fayetteville CVB, Bacardi, Ben&Jerry's and Seagram's among others. His approach? "I try to look at information through fresh eyes and get to the core of what's really going on - to understand consumers and what motivates them."
If "content" is part of your marketing strategy, here's some must-read content from @AdContrarian https://t.co/QhM9KicKDe
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RT @ThinkBigOps: [email protected] nails it. Figure out your business' purpose! The "why" over the "how" and "what" will always win in the end.…
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What he said. https://t.co/yaNho4CeiJ
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Department Of Artisans
Artisans have exceptionally keen senses and rare creative ability. They will often strike off boldly down roads that others might consider risky or impossible, doing whatever it takes, rules or no rules, to accomplish their goals. Within the team they can be irresistibly charming.
Dylan Bost
Minister of Creative
Dylan Bost’s mind works like this: design+thinking+doing. What does that mean for The Republik? It means it’s not unique for him to offer profoundly unique concepts by merging and melding opportunity with technology, innovation with leadership. It means over two decades of hardcore doing in design, marketing and management (so phrases like ‘product lifecycle’ ‘sales acceleration’ and ‘online outreach’ are practically tattooed on the back of his hand).

He’s touched industries that rarely touch each other–banking, sports marketing, software, real estate, entertainment, healthcare, and his impact has been nearly $1 billion in the real-estate category alone. While Disney is wondering where their magic went–it left the building with Dylan’s precise and inventive mind.
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Department Of Rationals
Rationals are keenly connected to real world applications. They look for the most efficient solutions and continually analyze them for adjustment. This group channels the team to towards continual improvement.
Rachel Wells
Director of Analytics
Over the past 7 years, Rachel has managed strategic marketing and branding campaigns, social media programs and media relations for an eclectic mix of start-ups, emerging growth companies and Fortune 500 corporations. Rachel previously served as an Account Manager at several of the area's top marketing and PR firms, providing strategic counsel and marketing support for a number of clients including Bronto Software, Overture Networks, Jersey Mike's Subs, McClatchey Broadcasting, Furniture.com and Rosen Law Firm. Throughout her career, Rachel has maintained positive, ongoing relationships with clients and has overseen efforts that resulted in media coverage in outlets, such as: BusinessWeek, The Associated Press, People Magazine, Newsweek, BBC World News, Forbes, Redbook, Crain's Business Journal, Dow Jones, WSJ, NBC Nightly News, Fortune Financial Times, Entrepreneur Magazine, among others.
Say whaaaat? https://t.co/udLpqLbb4E
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We Have a Password Problem (um, not anymore thanks to this handy little trick)...https://t.co/I2JxQn250T
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Fellow nerds - ASSEMBLE. @THEREPUBLIK is hiring a full time front end developer! Check it: https://t.co/IVR8ylaXVO https://t.co/pmhgDO3VKu
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